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Which costs are applied when using Gosplit?

I am a co-subscriber

I JOIN SHARING OFFER with a commission of 0.35€ per month.

I am the owner of the subscription

If I share my subscription in public, a connection fee will apply to each new co-subscriber first month only. This fee is 0% of the transaction amount currently.

Possible fees due to your actions:
To prevent any unexpected situations with your subscription, GOSPLIT provides the option to remove co-subscribers. You can choose to remove a co-subscriber before the next cycle begins, which will not affect your earnings or the current co-subscribers' usage. If you choose to remove a co-subscriber immediately, this means forcefully terminating the service, which will have a significant impact on your co-subscriber. As a result, you will not be able to receive the full share earnings, and GOSPLIT will charge a cancellation fee of 0.3€ as a penalty on the day of your action.

Updated on: 05/09/2023

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