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How to Join in a Subscription?

Information you must know:

There are two type of sharing here: 1. Username and password 2 share links

Before you subscribe on Gosplit, please tap
(on the top right corner of this page) or look at the top of detail page
to see the type of this subscription.

Steps of joining in

* Go to the marketplace.
* Search for the service you want.
* Once you have found the service and the offer, click on the Join button.
* Choose how many slots you want
* After reading the T&C of the service, choose your payment method.
We will verify the activity rate of this subscription sharer to protect your buying experience. if the sharer hasn`t log in GoSPlit for a long time, when you choose this subscription, it will trigger audit of sharer to make sure the service is available

* As soon as the payment is validated, please make sure the type of this subscription(username and password or share links),and go to see the CREDENRIALS or join in the group talk at SUBSCRIPTION page to ask the owners for the share links

If this subscription is shared by Username and password , after you pay for it you can see the CREDENRIALS in your SUBSCRIPTION page. If the username and password didn’t work after trying, you can submit valid information feedback below the CREDENRIALS or Contact owners in the group.

If this subscription is shared by links, which means you need to join in the group talk at SUBSCRIPTION page to ask the owners for the share links. After the owner gave you share links,you need log in your own account and tap this link to join the family group to share the membership with owners.

Updated on: 05/09/2023

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