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Buyer protection program — guarantee your buying experience

At GOSPLIT, we ensure that your purchases are secure and protected. We guarantee the proper functioning of subscriptions or provide refunds, and provide access to subscriptions and relevant information after payment. Our team will investigate and provide refunds free of charge if any issues arise.

Securing funds

We ensure that your subscription is operational and compliant: your money will be held in a secure account until the end of the current subscription period, after which it will be transferred to the subscription owner.

Secure exchanges

After making a purchase, you will receive access to the shared subscription and any information provided by the organizer. If you need more information or an invitation, you can use our secure messaging service to communicate with the organizer. All conversations on this platform are monitored and recorded for future reference.

Quick and easy refund

If you encounter any issues with your subscription, you can file a complaint within 24 hours of reaching out to the subscription owner. Our team will investigate and, if necessary, cancel your participation at no cost to you. We offer peace of mind and reimbursement according to our terms of use if your subscription fails to operate, no longer works with no response from the owner, or does not match its description. To initiate a refund, simply click "Refund" within 30 minutes of subscribing on the subscription page.


To ensure a smooth transaction, please avoid purchasing the same subscription while waiting for a response from the owner. Once you place an order, you are committed for the current month if the subscription works properly.

When communicating with subscription owners, please exercise caution if they ask for your phone number or email. For your protection, we recommend staying within the messaging system and using GOSPLIT's secure payment method for transactions. In the event of any issues with the subscription, please note that our buyer protection program can only be activated if trades have taken place through our secure chat.

Updated on: 05/09/2023

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