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What the difference between the "Private/Public" option?

There are two types of sharing in GOSPLIT:

Private and Public

It is a option that you will make a choice when you are in the sharing subscription progress. So, let me show you the difference between the "Private/Public" option.

Public means your share will be shown to others. In other words, your share can be seen when other co-subcribers on Gosplit marketplace.
Only making your sharing PUBLIC can your poential co-subscribers join in your group.So it means when you set your share as PUBLIC ,you are more likely to find your co-subscribers to earn money.

Private means this share can be shown only if you share the links to your friend and can be seen by others.

In a word, we suggest you choose PUBLIC your share at GOSPLIT to save and earn money!

You can also change the state of your sharing at SUBSCIPTION page and tap the button to another state.

Updated on: 05/09/2023

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