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In what condition I can ask for a refund?

Situations in which a refund can be requested:

Unexpected subscription interruption: Before the end of the subscription period, you no longer have access to the shared subscription and the owner no longer provides updates (for example, login details changed, offers canceled by the owner, etc.) .

Service not as described: The subscription offer does not correspond to the services provided by the owner (for example, different countries/regions, different screen numbers synced, no more slots available, etc.).

Unfair Subscription Removal: The owner removes you from the subscription for no reason before the subscription ends.

Situations in which a refund cannot be requested:

Voluntary Departure: You choose to leave during the subscription period, in situations where the owner is not responsible.

Personal expectations not met: your space is private. You can access the subscription, but the service does not meet your expectations (for example, the catalog is not suitable for you, you want to test the service, etc.).

Subscription period ended: You have used the subscription and the subscription period has ended or is less than two days away from the end.

Updated on: 05/09/2023

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