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How to share a MasterClass subscription?

MasterClass is shared by account and key. So what you need to do is providing correct account information on Gosplit.
You can also refer to this article in Help Center.
How do I share a subscription of which I am the owner?


How do I add another person to my Duo or Family Plan?

The Account Holder's profile for your MasterClass account is automatically added during the sign-up process*. To add a new profile:
Log into your account
Select your Profile
On a web browser, it is located in the top right corner
Select Profiles option
Select '+' Add Profile
Enter a profile name
Upload a new profile image (optional)
Select Continue
*The Account Holder's profile is the subscription holder’s profile. This profile cannot be deleted.
Note: This feature is currently available only on the website. Your MasterClass account and any profiles can be accessed using the Account Holder’s login credentials.

Updated on: 05/09/2023

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